The focus at Motorwërks is on you, and the life and care of your luxury vehicle

The service philosophy adopted at Motorwërks expands to educating our customers. It’s a unique approach that has helped us serve you better and has fostered long-lasting relationships. The success of our loyalty and referral program is a direct result of the respect we’ve earned from our loyal clientele.                        

At Motorwërks, you’re always provided with the best service experience possible                           

When you take your vehicle to a dealer, you’re losing a lot of control in the repair and maintenance of one of your most prized possessions.             

The objective at a dealership is to make money. Advertising expenses, large payrolls, electricity usage and massive facility upkeep are all part of your “labor charge.” Mechanics gain experience by practicing on your engine and, along with the service writers, they have quotas to meet and are paid on commission.

Avoid Inflated Dealer Fees

Some of you have been told that if you service your vehicle with anyone other than the dealer, your warranty is voided. It isn’t. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, upheld by the FTC, states that it is illegal for any dealership to make the claim that your warranty is voided simply because anyone other than the dealer has performed the work. The act also protects customers from deceptive estimate practices.


Local Clubs

We highly recommend joining one of the local auto clubs to engage with other owners.  Most of these clubs meet on a regular basis throughout the year.  Below are links to various chapters in the Houston Region. 

Porsche Lone Star Region Club 

BMW Club

Mercedes Benz Club

It's all about peak performance. At Motorwërks, we get it.

We perform extended warranty work, offer a flat-rate price for labor and use only OE and factory parts. Unlike dealerships, we offer the option to repair and refurbish parts for a fraction of the cost of replacement, which is often unwarranted.

As a factory dealership alternative, we provide scheduled maintenance and all the services that the dealership offers, at a reasonable price.

Bosch Certified Auto Shop

Bosch Car Service centers are the very best of independently-owned service centers in the industry.

RepairPal Certified

RepairPal guarantees fair pricing and ensures you won’t overpay.

Tire Rack Recommended Installer

Top Rated Recommended Installers are the best of the best and not only take the Price Pledge, but also consistently achieve a 4.5-star or above overall ranking in Tire Rack consumer survey results.

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